Wednesday, 3 October 2007

School holidays...............and the winner is........

It's school holidays for the kids now. We've been busy doing little day trips and having a look around the place. On Monday I picked up my sister Aimee from the Bunbury train station; she is staying with us for a few days. That afternoon we went for a drive up the coast and had a play on the beach.

Yesterday, we went to the Chocolate Factory. The boys loved seeing all the yummy chocolate and having little samples. Of course we couldn't leave without buying some! And I had to take some pictures of the boys with these gorgeous Kangaroo Paws.

Today is another gorgeous sunny day. We've been down to the Stilts Cafe for a coffee and a little play on the beach. This afternoon, we are heading out to another park. It's been very relaxing and we are all enjoying the holidays so far!!
Well, I've drawn a winner for my card giveaway. Thanks to my sister Aimee for picking a name out of the bag. And the winner is.................JOYCE. Well done and I'll be posting these cards to you today.
Thats all for today. Take care.


Lisa said...

wow- those kangaroo paws really are gorgeous!

Lisa said...

lol- and the people in the photos aren't so bad, either! (;

Anonymous said...

Congrats Joyce on winning those nice cards!!
Hi Chan - very nice photos!!
Will see you Sat,
Renae x

Lee-Anne said...

Chantelle, your photo's are gorgeous as usual. I love seeing how much you are enjoying your life in Busselton. Love the cards in your previous post too and thanks for your comments on my blog :)


TFS those lovely photos, precious times are'nt they with the boys growing up quickly.
Hope you are enjoying a nice time with your sis too!

HH said...

Looks as if your having a fab time together. Looks as if the weather has improved since we left,