Friday, 5 October 2007

.....another relaxing day

It was another gorgeous sunny day, here in Busselton. This afternoon, I took the boys to Simmo's Ice-creamery. The boys always enjoy going there, and it's such a pretty place with a great little playground for the kids. So here are some happy pictures.

It's was feeling quite warm a little later on. So we went home to pick up our towels and some drinks, then headed to the beach near our place. The boys went for a swim. Not me!!! I sat on the beach, enjoying the sunshine and reading my book. Was so nice. And the boys thought it was so exciting to be swimming again. I know they are going to love summer and being at the beach!
When we got back home, Warren thought we'd take the boys fishing. Was a bit of fun for them; only caught two little whiting, the boys thought that was great. No photo's to show of the beach, as I was enjoying my book too much!
This kind of day is a little taste of what's to come as we head into warmer days.


Janice Vandyk said...

im jealous!! right now it is COLD and RAINING and it is only going to get worse.

Lisa said... strange that the lazy days of summer begin for you just when we're gearing up for the busy days of school and colder weather! I'm glad I have your blog to enjoy the photos of sunny days and fun at the will help us get through our winter! (:

Anonymous said...

makes one want to move to Busso