Thursday, 24 July 2014

currently creative ...........................

Hello, I'm back after a lovely holiday!  We packed up our camper and headed north for two weeks to where the sun was shining ............................. it was just beautiful :)  We spent our days on the beach, enjoying the warmth.

Now the school holidays are finished, it's back into routine.

Today I'm linking up with Currently Creative
Currently Creative #2
by Give a Girl a blog.

While on holidays I did take a few crochet projects with me ☺  Though I didn't manage as much crochet as I thought I may have done!!

First up I made ANOTHER snood - these are so fun to make - this time I used 8ply yarn in a lovely blue colour with a 4.5mm hook.  I made this one a little longer than previous so I could wrap it around twice.

 I've used rope stitch which has given it a lovely soft texture.

 Next up is a WIP (work in progress)  - this one is going rather slowly so I thought it would be a great opportunity to take it along and get some rows done. 
 It's a chevron stitch in double crochet - I've gone into the back loop on each stitch to create the ridges.

 Most of this progress ended up being done in the car on our way back home ☺

So there you have two projects that I've shared!!  I look forward to keeping you up to date with the progress of the chevron blanket.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

currently creative ......................

 A happy hello at mid-week ☺  Today I'm linking up again with Currently Creative by Give a Girl a Blog.

Currently Creative #2
In between packing for our camping trip and doing my normal daily routines, I've still managed some craft time ☺

The blanket that I shared last week is now 2/3rds of the way - three stripes were added in this week and I just LOVE how it's coming along.

 The rope stitch is lovely and comes together very quickly.

 I also hooked up another project this week.  I recently made myself a crochet snood!  (circle scarf) Since one snood is not enough, I've started another in this gorgeous teal colour.  It's a super chunky knit in 12 ply and I'm using a 9mm crochet hook. 
 Chunky knit crochets up very quickly and I'm already half-way.  I'm hoping to finish it in the next few days as I really want to take it with me on my camping trip ☺
 The pattern is from this gorgeous crochet book, which I can't stop looking thru.  So many gorgeous projects.  Which one will I pick next?
 As well as crochet, I have slipped into my craft room a few times and have been quietly working on a few projects.  I can only give you little sneak peaks for now!!  So here they are.
So that's currently what I'm creating ...................................
As we are off on our camping trip in the next few days, I will share more in a few weeks time.
Camping and crochet go together, so I have plans for a few projects while I'm away.
Til next time,
Creating with love + happiness ♥

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

creative.ness - the view thru my 50mm fixed lens

 Hello July - my favourite month ☺

Sharing the small details from the last week in June ......................................

yummy baked cheesecake from the Margaret River Bakery
our cat finds the best spots to sleep - in the sun on a crochet rug ☺
reflecting on this text and printed it out to be framed for a wall in our home
my growing collection of crochet books
someones cozy on the couch
 captured my youngest playing on the front lawn - he is our free-spirited happy child

and the oldest, deep in one of his creative modes ........ making arrows for his bow - unique and unswayed by latest fads - he makes his own

a week that was filled with plenty of baking as we prepare for our camping holiday - just a few more sleeps away.
these Banana Coconut Oat Cookies were so easy to make - recipe was tweaked just a little ☺

 i shared the recipe for these Nutty Cacao Balls!!  One of our favourite snacks.

Have a fantastic week and I hope you find some time to be creative ♥

Monday, 30 June 2014

mothers day - scrap the girls june challenge

 Hello - hope you are having a good start to the week and staying warm!!  We are having a cold chill in our parts!
It's a month ago that I was at The Scrapbook Store Retreat - I'm still getting thru the pages that I created on that weekend.  Today I'm sharing another one of them - and I'm entering this one into the Scrap The Girls June Challenge.  They have a new banner, so that was the inspiration for the challenge:

 A great excuse for a girly page - I've used this picture of my mum and I on Mothers Day.
I went with a soft colour palette, making use of tags, twine and flowers.
 Most of the products on this page are from Prima Marketing, including the little tags and some of the flowers.  The background paper did have a 'white-wash' effect to it,  I've added in a bit of mixed media work using texture paste and a stencil. 
Here are a few close-up's:

Thanks for popping in to have a look.  It's drawing close to the end of June - half way the year already.  So much to be thankful for and looking forward to what the next half of the year will bring ☺

Creating with happiness + love ♥

Friday, 27 June 2014

Nutty Cacao Balls

 Hello + happy Friday.  I love the weekend and love it even better that there is only one week left before school holidays start!!
This week I've been busy baking treats for our camping holiday which we leave for next week.  One of them are: Nutty Cacao Balls.
There are many different recipes and versions of this healthy snack - you only need to google - bliss balls .........

Today I want to share my version!!  Quite often I just mix up together ingredients that I have in my cupboard, but I recently wrote down one version I used and I'm sharing it with you ☺

Nutty Cacao Balls

Place the following ingredients into your thermomix or processor:
10 medjool dates
1 cup raw macadamia
1/2 cup raw cashews
1/4 cup pepitas
1/4 cup sunflower seeds
1 tblsp chia seeds
2 tblsp raw cacao powder
1 tblsp coconut oil
2 tblsp maleo (honey or 100% maple syrup)
1/4 cup desiccated coconut
pinch of salt flakes
 dash of cinnamon powder

a bit of extra coconut to coat the balls

Process together til all the ingredients come together.
Form into small balls and roll into coconut.
Store in fridge.

(you can substitute ingredients for different tastes - almonds can be used and other seeds too.)

I whip up a batch of these weekly as they are perfect lunch box treats and my boys just love them ☺  I hope you will give them a go too ☺

You can print this recipe out - just click on the post title, scroll down to bottom of post and you will see the 'print friendly' icon - click on that for printing options.

Creating with love + happiness ♥

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

currently creative ......

 Hello crafty peoples ☺  Today I'm linking up with Currently Creative - by Give a Girl a blog aka Kellie ☺

Currently Creative #2
Every day I try to be creative, whether in my kitchen or at my craft desk.  This creative project that I'm sharing today,  happens on my couch ☺  With our Winter weather, it's great to be cozy on the couch and crochet. Recently, I started this crochet blanket, using rope stitch which is from this book: Crochet Workshop - an absolutely gorgeous book, a favourite in my collection.

 I'm using yarn that I had in my stash, just the three colours as shown, each stripe is 10 rows.  I'm just over a third of the way and am finding this one hard to put down.

 Not sure what the total measurements will be, but I will be sure to share that when this project is complete.  I plan for it to be a baby blanket to give away ☺
 The yarn is 8ply acrylic and I'm using a size 4.5 crochet hook. 
I look forward to sharing some more of the 'work in progress' soon.
Thanks for coming by.
Creating with love + happiness ♥

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Project Life storage and a few pages ......

Hey everyone, hope you are having a great week and getting crafty in one way or another ☺
Today, I'm sharing a little bit about MY project life and how I store my 'bits and pieces' for this part of my scrapbooking.

I began PL last year and got on a roll with it, completing weekly pages.  But very soon I began to fall behind and am sadly still behind on 2013 ..............................  but I'm still plugging away at it and am determined to see this one thru ☺  More on that some other time!

For 2014, I've decided on monthly and am happy to say, that this is much more achievable for me at this time.  The photo's I use for my PL are from my phone and instagram - they are 'happy snaps' and 'in the moment' pictures.  So whilst a whole month might not be totally captured, the 'little and important' moments are.  This is why I love the whole idea of PL and this is my focus for PL ☺

So my storage:  I have recently purchased WRMK albums in different colours and I've been replaced all my older style albums with these.  I love the uniform look on my shelves!  These albums are very strong and can hold lots of scrapbook pages.  I'm using these albums for my traditional scrapbooking and my PL

For my PL bits and pieces, I've found these two-level plastic boxes with dividers.  As soon as I spotted them at a local discount store, I knew they would be perfect craft boxes.

The boxes are inter-locking, with a lid for the top section. The dividers can be moved across or even removed - they hold the journal cards and all your other product perfectly. 
The best thing for me is that I have all my PL in one spot - it sits nicely on my shelf and when I'm doing PL, I only need this one box ........... and maybe just a few other items ☺

Here are a few close-up's of some of my PL pages from this year.  I've finished up to end of April, so hopefully I can now do some monthly shares and in more detail.

My PL style is simple and clean.  I love using the pre-printed cards with words.  I only add minimal embellishments.  And I love using stamps!!  This style works great for me and is a nice change, as my traditional scrapbooking is more arty, embellished and full of product ☺
My trusty manual typewriter and my box of Kellie Stamps are also a big part of my PL.
I hope you enjoyed that little share.   Leave a comment for me if you are doing Project Life - I'd love to come and check your blog too ☺

Creating with love + happiness ♥