Friday, 15 May 2015

the view thru my 50mm fixed lens

 Hello and a happy weekend to you all ☺
This past week has been gorgeous.  Stunning blue skies and warmish sunny days.  Autumn has been lovely.
It's in this season we have a tree in our backyard, that is covered with white flowers - I often spend time just watching the bees.  They are fascinating and I'm amazed at how busy they are, all day!
My veggie garden is loving the sun and so is our cat!
And the oldest son is still busy making stuff out of wood, even some fun things for my craft room .................... unique washi tape holders - I ♥ them.

Lots of rain is coming our way, so I'm thinking it might be a cozy weekend for indoors.
Have a great one ♥♥


Lizzy Hill said...'ll be pleased to know I did a 'you' [FINALLY!!!} & got out with my 50 mm...but the post isn't up til later in the month! AND I was cringing when I saw your capsicums....ours died from Caterpillar your washi holders. Boys do come in handy!!! Great shots of the blossom, too:):)

Lizzyc said...

Beautiful photos of everyday stuff! And great washi tape holders!