Wednesday, 1 April 2015

wip: wednesday

 Hello there - time for another wip: wednesday share.  Once again, ( like last Wednesday) I'm sharing a finished WIP ☺
I started this blanket late last year and was just plodding along with it.
I posted about it HERE!
March came along, and I decided that I would like to have it finished by the end of the month!
And here it is!!!
 I found this pattern at Rescued Paw - a very lovely blog with lots of gorgeous idea's.  Do take the time to check it out!

 I really love the texture the blanket stitch provides.  It has a very warm feel about it.

 I've added in pops of colour between the grey and white - it has a retro feel about it.  I was never a purple fan, but I've ended up with two shades in this project ♥

And here it sits over one of our living room couches.
This was definitely one of my most favourite projects ever!!

Thanks for following along ♥


Lizzyc said...

This sure looks soft and warm... I am sure it will be used on your knees come winter.. love the colors in the stripes too.. Have a love filled Easter!

Val Thorpe said...

I absolutely love this blanket. I want to go and have a look at the pattern. I am not very good... but I would like to try it. The colours are just wonderful.