Tuesday, 7 April 2015

the view thru my 50mm fixed lens

 Hello there!  It's been a little while since I've done this segment.  Last one was late last year.  I'm hoping I can take it up again.  I love picking up my DSLR and capturing what is happening around my home.  It's a great way to appreciate the little things and make note of 'stuff'. 

It's the start of first term school break, the kids are home and it's very much like Autumn around here.  Our front yard puts on a lovely display and a big mess too ☺

 As soon as the rains start, this little man is out there with his bike and rain jacket, riding thru the puddles.

 My veggie garden is still producing, even though the days are cooler.  I'm getting some decent sized capsicums and the chillies just keep coming.

 I'm even getting a new batch of strawberries ☺
 We lit our wood fire today, so the wood bucket is loaded up and ready for cool nights and fresh mornings.  I just love the coziness a wood fire brings!
 With the boys all home, there's a bit of 'allsorts' happening.  They are always up to something, including bike fixing.
And the oldest is busy rolling brochures - a small part-time job that's keeping him occupied.

In a few days, we hope to go camping, so I plan on taking more pics with my 'real' camera; hopefully some good ones that will make it to my scrapbook page.

Thanks for coming by ♥


Lizzy Hill said...

I really enjoy your photography....& the 'minutiae' of life that you capture. I've got a 50mm lense I don't really use.....might try this myself! Your strawberries sound as confused as my blueberries...which are FLOWERING again! I've spoken to the silly things & told them it is autumn & they should be dropping their leaves, not fruiting again!!!!

Val Thorpe said...

I need to do this more. Instead of capturing the big things I need to focus on the little everyday things....