Tuesday, 21 April 2015

the view thru my 50mm fixed lens

 The school holidays have been and gone.  They ended with some glorious, sunny days, which we really enjoyed.  I grabbed my camera on a few of those days and captured what was happening around our home ....................

 These gorgeous flowers are prettying up a little part of my garden!

 My little one just loved being at home and playing.  His constant chatter and imagination ........ he simply makes me smile and I love his energy.

 There was more bike activity ------ some were painted a fresh coat of bright colour ☺  These are the boys bikes they like to take camping!

 Not quite in my own yard, but very close by ........................ I couldn't resist snapping away at this beauty in contrast with the blue sky. 

My oldest with his newly acquired 'toy' - he's so proud and happy.  Our elderly neighbour happened to have a wood lathe which he was happy to sell off.  So the rest is history ...........  we now have it and the boy is very enthusiastic about making all kinds of wood creations ☺

 The littlest lad has been learning a new skill - throwing the ball thru the basketball hoop.  Was cute to see him in action. 
I'm pretty sure, some of these pics will be making it to my scrapbook pages .............
Thanks for coming by ♥


Val Thorpe said...

I have just bought this lens as well. I love it. I also have the 100mm fixed lens which is also nice. These are fab photos. Love to see the changes for the seasons.

Lizzyc said...

Fabulous photos, and what fun to learn how to take photos!

Lizzy Hill said...

Blow it! Last time you did one of these posts, I was DEFFO going out to dust off my 50mm....have I? NOPE!!! And you've done another....feeling v naughty. Hoping once this RAIN & WIND abates.....I might be able to get out! BTW....love seeing the boy things. Reminds me of mine when they were young. And my fave is the wattle against the gum leaves and sky!!!

Kellie said...

Wow Chantelle your photos are absolutely amazing!