Thursday, 17 June 2010

Treasured Finds #3

It's time for another update of Treasured Finds.  I had a bit of op-shop fun yesterday and came up with all these treasures:

First up; some dutch delft blue beer mugs - the real thing, hand-painted - I couldn't let them go at $2.00 each!

Next up some candle holders - I think these are so sweet - they are matching and look hand-painted, but there's no markings as to where they are from.  Another bargain.
Some more tea-spoons to add to our collection - the boys collect tea-spoons from all round Australia - we already have quite a fascinating collection with lots of different stories to tell.

And lastly, some doilies and pieces of fabric - more cutting out and more flower making!  I even found two doily cusions - just need to find some cushion inserts.
Thanks for coming by.

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