Saturday, 20 January 2007

We made it.......

After a very busy week of packing all our belongings and loading up trailers and trucks, we have made it to Busselton, our new home. It was very exciting to be able to walk into our very own home on Tuesday, 16th January. This week has been a very busy one for us all, unpacking and setting up house to make it feel like our own home. Now sitting here this Saturday night, it feels great to have most of our things unpacked and set up. (though I still haven't put Warren's clothes in the cupboard) Thanks to all those who helped us along the way, especially to Craig (my brother) who drove the truck for us!! Thanks mate.

The boys have settled in well. There's lots of room for them to ride their bikes so that's what they have been doing the most. We have been to the beach for a swim and they have been riding their bikes along the beach path. They think it's all rather exciting and try to fit as much as possible into one day. Today, Tyson and Liam were asking when we were going back to our old home. They think we are on holidays here. Once school starts, they will get to understand that this is our home.

Next week we have family and friends coming down to Busso which we are all looking forward to. On Sunday 28th it's Tyson & Liam's 5th birthday, so it will be nice for them to have family and friends to help celebrate.

I hope to post some photo's soon of some happy faces enjoying Busselton and their new home. We feel very blessed and are thankful for our wonderful new home.


Lisa said...

Congratulations on a successful move! Sounds like everything went really smoothly! We hope you settle in quickly...although it sounds like you're right at home already (:

HH said...

Hey Chan,
Glad to hear you've settled in. The boys must be loving it to be near the beach. Hope Tyson and Liam have a great 5th birthday, wow...such big boys already!

Julie said...

Hello! Good to see you are settling well!! Looking forward to seeing you all on the weekend


Hi Chantelle,
Nice to hear everything has gone well with the move and the kids all happy, that's great. Do enjoy your new home and location and hope the boys have a great birthday, sure you will have a house full of visitors on the weekend too.