Sunday, 7 January 2007

Back from holidays

Hello to you all in this new year. We have just got back from a two week holiday in Port Gregory, 'bout seven hours drive north from Perth. We had the most wonderful and relaxing holiday with family and friends. The boys were really good and had lots of fun swimming, playing on the beach and riding their bikes. The weather was awesome with the first few days being over 40 degrees. Very hot and great for the beach. We didn't catch many fish but heaps of crayfish. Yummy!! Good food, good wine and good company made for a very memorable holiday. Thanks to those who shared with us!!!!

Now we have about ten days before we make our big move to Busselton. So the next week will be very busy with packing all our possessions and getting ready to move away. I am really excited about the whole move and going to a new place. But it will be a week of mixed emotions as I am leaving so many wonderful family and friends behind. We will surely miss them all very much. And so we leave with the promise of keeping in touch and to try very hard to come up to Perth regularly. We hope to have many visitors down in Busselton to see us and our new home as well.

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