Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Our new house

This is a picture of our new house. If all goes well, we should be there next week Tuesday. We are all very excited about moving into our own home. The boys can't wait, especially Kyle who is looking forward to having a vegie garden, walking to the beach and playing in the park just around the corner.


Lisa said...

Wow! Looks really nice! Is the back yard big, too?

Chantelle said...

Has a bit of space including a big shed. But we have the beach 5 mins away and a wonderful park just around the corner. (Will send some more pics thru when we have moved =lol:)

Julie said...

Hi Chantelle..wow what a blog..I love all the pictures of the boys..esp. the ones of Port Gregory..we had such a great time there!
Glad you are settled..hope it feels like home real soon. We will see you all on the long weekend.