Monday, 8 January 2007

14 days of holiday bliss ....

Dinner time for Tyson & Liam,
camping style.
If you've got to go, you've got to go. And next to dad is a great place!!

Tyson & Liam really enjoyed this holiday. They had a ball and couldn't get enough of the sand and water. It will be a holiday they remember!

Warren taking time out to paddle to the reef.
(Don't you miss all this fun Ben & Katie)

It's not 4-wheel driving unless you get bogged,
hey Craig. Was fun to watch!!

Hot weather calls for lots of water play and fun on the beach. Some of the days we have over 40 degrees. The boys would spend all day playing in the water.

(Sorry, the pictures are bigger than screen size when you click on them - I can't seem to reduce the size of my pictures)

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Lisa said...

Wow, Chantelle- what a beautiful place! Brings back memories for me of 4-wheel driving near Albany. Those dunes and beaches are just gorgeous. Isn't it great that your kids are of the age that they appreciate holidays so much and will remember them forever?