Monday, 29 January 2007

Tyson & Liam's 5th birthday

We celebrated the boys birthday on Saturday night (the day before their birthday) with a dinner for family and friends who had come down to Busselton. Was a great night; the boys got so spoilt with presents, hugs and kisses. It was wonderful to have so many people around to help celebrate. Thanks to those who came and hope you all enjoyed yourself!

This last weekend, the weather has been so warm. Even today, its very humid. Last night after church, we packed up some dinner and headed off to the beach for a few hours with Craig & Renae. It was so beautiful, the water was like glass. The kids had alot of fun swimming and playing cricket. Tyson & Liam even enjoyed some of their chocolate birthday cake on the beach.

We are definately loving it here in Busselton. It's wonderful to have the beach so close by, especially with this hot weather. Tommorow it's been two weeks since we arrived. This week will be busy, getting back into routine for school but the kids are looking forward to starting a new school year. Warren has been busy at work already, setting up the workshop. And at the end of the week, we get to go back up to Perth for Ben & Katie's engagement party and catch up with family and friends again. So it's all working out just great. We thank God for blessing our dreams and plans and making all things go well.


Lisa said...

Congratulations, Tyson and Liam! Glad to hear you had such a fun day! Hope you keep cool, and that its not too hot when you have to start school!


Looks like the boys had a great time, nice the rellies could come and celebrate their 5th birthday. It was hot on the weekend that's for sure. Love the cake. Anyway have fun at school boys. Guess you are going to gain a whole circle of new friends soon!

renae said...

Hi Chan, the photos turned out great from the beach that night! Let me know how kyle goes tomorrow at school, bet he's excited! Was a great weekend, see you again this weekend! Love to you all