Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Project Life storage and a few pages ......

Hey everyone, hope you are having a great week and getting crafty in one way or another ☺
Today, I'm sharing a little bit about MY project life and how I store my 'bits and pieces' for this part of my scrapbooking.

I began PL last year and got on a roll with it, completing weekly pages.  But very soon I began to fall behind and am sadly still behind on 2013 ..............................  but I'm still plugging away at it and am determined to see this one thru ☺  More on that some other time!

For 2014, I've decided on monthly and am happy to say, that this is much more achievable for me at this time.  The photo's I use for my PL are from my phone and instagram - they are 'happy snaps' and 'in the moment' pictures.  So whilst a whole month might not be totally captured, the 'little and important' moments are.  This is why I love the whole idea of PL and this is my focus for PL ☺

So my storage:  I have recently purchased WRMK albums in different colours and I've been replaced all my older style albums with these.  I love the uniform look on my shelves!  These albums are very strong and can hold lots of scrapbook pages.  I'm using these albums for my traditional scrapbooking and my PL

For my PL bits and pieces, I've found these two-level plastic boxes with dividers.  As soon as I spotted them at a local discount store, I knew they would be perfect craft boxes.

The boxes are inter-locking, with a lid for the top section. The dividers can be moved across or even removed - they hold the journal cards and all your other product perfectly. 
The best thing for me is that I have all my PL in one spot - it sits nicely on my shelf and when I'm doing PL, I only need this one box ........... and maybe just a few other items ☺

Here are a few close-up's of some of my PL pages from this year.  I've finished up to end of April, so hopefully I can now do some monthly shares and in more detail.

My PL style is simple and clean.  I love using the pre-printed cards with words.  I only add minimal embellishments.  And I love using stamps!!  This style works great for me and is a nice change, as my traditional scrapbooking is more arty, embellished and full of product ☺
My trusty manual typewriter and my box of Kellie Stamps are also a big part of my PL.
I hope you enjoyed that little share.   Leave a comment for me if you are doing Project Life - I'd love to come and check your blog too ☺

Creating with love + happiness ♥


Lizzyc said...

I admire anyone who does Pl as I know I just would not be able to keep up with the days.. Your pages look wonderful. and your albums look neat too.. and a manual typewriter would be very handy too I reckon! easier then having to start up the computer just to get some journalling typed up.. Keep warm if it is cold at your place..

Val Thorpe said...

Oh I love this.... I really need to get going with mine... seems like there is more to do sometimes and not enough hours in the day. I love that typewriter. I reckon I need to get one of those.... You have a beautiful PL style... I am still trying to find my way with it.