Wednesday, 25 June 2014

currently creative ......

 Hello crafty peoples ☺  Today I'm linking up with Currently Creative - by Give a Girl a blog aka Kellie ☺

Currently Creative #2
Every day I try to be creative, whether in my kitchen or at my craft desk.  This creative project that I'm sharing today,  happens on my couch ☺  With our Winter weather, it's great to be cozy on the couch and crochet. Recently, I started this crochet blanket, using rope stitch which is from this book: Crochet Workshop - an absolutely gorgeous book, a favourite in my collection.

 I'm using yarn that I had in my stash, just the three colours as shown, each stripe is 10 rows.  I'm just over a third of the way and am finding this one hard to put down.

 Not sure what the total measurements will be, but I will be sure to share that when this project is complete.  I plan for it to be a baby blanket to give away ☺
 The yarn is 8ply acrylic and I'm using a size 4.5 crochet hook. 
I look forward to sharing some more of the 'work in progress' soon.
Thanks for coming by.
Creating with love + happiness ♥


Lizzy Hill said...

YUM!!! This is gorgeous.....& I gotcha with how addictive crocheting can be - the best thing I used to find was it GREW quickly:):) Love the colours, too:):)

Kellie said...

So glad you linked along Chantelle, although would had seen this in my blog lovin list regardless, would had hate to have missed it. It looks GORGEOUS, the style and colours are so nice together. I can not wait to see the result. I will having the link up every Wednesday, hope to see you linking away xx

Lizzyc said...

This looks so lovely.. look forward to seeing the end result!

Heidi S said...

That is so gorgeous (I know everyone else used that word, too, but really, what else is there to say!) I adore the colour combination, and the stitch. I'm going to be keeping a look out for that book now, as well.