Monday, 17 May 2010

Treasured finds: Weekly share #2

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to this week.  Mine has included lots of washing and catching up on house-work - I really hope it will include some crafting soon!!
I wanted to share with you a special little find - I treated myself to some gorgeous cushions  and just received them in the post last week - I heart doily cushions from Moose & BirdThey are so pretty, now I have my eye on the pear cushions.

My Etsy store is closed for a few days.  I have piles and piles of doilies to cut and sort out into colour piles.  I have heaps of flowers to make.  So I'm giving myself a few days to re-arrange and add things to the store.
Please come back soon so you can see all the gorgeous new things I will have to sell!


Ryan and Erica Swarts said...

Oh I love those cushions - pretty and I love the colors!!
Those pink and white flowers - will they be in your etsy store - I'm think I might buy some so I can make into a headband for Olivia!

moose and bird said...

Hi Chantelle,
Thank-you for the lovely mention.
Look forward to seeing your shop when it reopens. Happy Monday!

CordellW柏辰 said...


Marcia said...

I love love love the shades in those cushion covers, so fresh. Might have to go looksee what else they have!

:) Marcia

aimee said...

those cushions are really nice chantelle!