Saturday, 17 March 2007

Our day

What's better than enjoying an icecream from Simmo's and spending the afternoon at the beach? Not much according to my three boys. They had a choice between Simmo's and the beach. And of course they chose both. So that's what we did!! On a gorgeous sunny warm day, there's nothing better.

Tyson has Orange & Choc-chip icecream
Kyle has Chunky Monkey icecream (banana & choc-chip)
Liam has Chocolate Trio icecream
Luckily, the boys had finished their ice creams because the goats at Simmo's are apparently 'icecream eating goats'. We saw some other people feeding them and the goats just loved it. I think people buy an icecream, eat half and give the rest to the goats just out of fascination. Funny to watch!!

Some more beach photo's. I can never take enough of them. I always love watching the boys playing and enjoying their time at the beach. They are amazing to watch; they never tire of playing with each other. They especially have fun on the 'surf ski'.



Hi Chantelle,
Love your pics, we have been all enjoying beaut weather and what a great way to spend it. Please can you have a photo posted with the boys i am forgetting what you look like:)lol

StampingontheLakefront said...

can you add feedblitz so we can subscribe? thx!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chan
Have visied your pages again. Your boys look like they enjoyed their icecream. Showed Oma your pages a couple of weeks ago, she thought they were great, she likes your cards and so do I you are very talented. The photos of the boys are a great way to see them grow up. Have a good week.
Love from Joyce