Sunday, 11 March 2007

Just a few cards .....

Well, it's been another busy week here. Started off with some really hot weather on the public holiday and also on Tuesday, which saw us at the beach. It was a short week for school because Tuesday was a Student free day. So the weekend came around very quickly. We had a church breakfast social at Yoganup Park which was lots of fun. Also did some visiting of people from the church. So I haven't had heaps of time to make some cards but did manage to sit down tonight to make a few. I have a friends birthday tommorow, so one of these will be for her.

Stamp Set: Simply Said (Copyright Stampin'Up 1990-2007)
Stamp Set: Simply Said (Copyright Stampin'Up 1990-2007)
Stamp Set: Seeing Spots (Copyright Stampin'Up 1990-2007)

Stamp Set: Sweet of you (Copyright Stampin'Up 1990-2007)


Allison said...

Cute set of cards!

Lee-Anne said...

Hi Chantelle

They are really nice cards....I love all of them...and the colour combinations are fantastic. I love all your photo's of your life in Busselton too. They make me very envious, it must be lovely living there.

Have a great week.