Friday, 9 February 2007

Some pictures of our home

Well, finally some pictures of our house, for those that have not seen it yet. It's starting to feel like our home now with most of our stuff unpacked.

My very own space for my craft goodies. My room to enjoy being creative with Stampin'Up. It's so nice to have a special spot for it so I'm going to try and keep it looking neat.

A view of our kitchen.
The boys love sitting on the barstools and having their breakfast or snacks.
A new piece of furniture which we just got yesterday. Really happy with it. Warren says no more furniture now, 'cause he has had enough of lifting and shifting!! Okay dear!!
A view of our living area with our new leather couches. They are so comfy!!

Some pictures of the kitchen. Lots of space for everything. Quite an unusual shape being very long, but I'm loving it.

Well, there you have it. Some inside news on our house.



Chantelle and Warren you have a lovely home from what i can see within. And "your space" that's great and new furniture will add the 'make your new home just right' feeling. Hope you have a nice weekend and receive our swap cards soon. Regards to Daniel & Connie please! lol Jen

Lisa said...

Wow! Looks nice! It's funny how Australian kitchens don't have upper cabinets...think of all the storage you'd have then!!

Michelle said...

Chantelle, you have a really nice house!!! wow! You also have A LOT of Stampin' up stuff!

Chantelle said...

Thanks for your comments. With regards to upper cabinets; I think alot of houses to have them. This house is about 13 years old, so not sure if it was in then. If we redesigned the kitchen, I would have some overheads; 'specially since Warren does cabinet making now. But for now, I have heaps of space so it's okay.
Yeh, Michelle, I just love my Stampin'Up. So much fun.

Lisa said...

What kind of wood is your dining table made of? It's beautiful!

Chantelle said...

Our dining table is Indian Rosewood. We love it too but its very heavy - not fun to shift. We have six chairs around it at the moment but it can fit eight, so that's handy!