Friday, 16 February 2007

School bus

Since we now live about half hour away from school, Kyle goes to school on the bus everyday. This bus belongs to the families that live in Busselton and driven by some of the mums. We all meet at the bus stop in Vasse where the bus is parked. Kyle enjoys going on the bus and loves being with all the other kids. Here is a photo of him getting ready to go on the bus this morning.

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Hi Chantelle,
Thanks for sharing, that is so cool they have your little group has their own bus, are you one of the drivers! I dont know if i would be keen:) Glad Kyle is happy to go on the bus because that saves you a lot of time in travelling up and down to school. And the twins where do they go! Nice photos. Well have a nice weekend. I missed out on catching up with Connie Friday night at a party because i stayed home as i didnt have a sitter till 9.30pm and that daylight saving makes it a bit harder to leave Mel in the hands of a 14.5yr old commander :)
So she said they had been up every weekend since they moved, that's a bit much! Take care and lol