Wednesday, 21 February 2007


Tyson and Liam have settled in to Kindy routine very well now. They go on Tuesday and Thursday. They have a wonderful suportive teacher and a great classroom full of nice things to do. Tyson was first a bit sad when I had to leave but yesterday, he seperated from me just fine. They are getting so big and grown up and they make us really proud. There speech is improving all the time. Next week we go to PMH for another follow-up Sleep Study, to make sure their Sleep Apnea is no longer there. We hope the results come up just fine. Going by how much they have improved we are sure there won't be any problems.
Just took these pictures yesterday. They were about to go to Kindy and were looking so happy and cute. The last picture was taken in their classroom with the boys showing there teacher something. She is such a lovely lady and spends alot of special time with the boys. We feel very confident that they are going to have a great year. For this we are happy and thankful that all is turning out so great.



Hi Chantelle,
You have some cutey pies there havent you! Nice to see and hear see they are happy and doing fine. Always a bit of a surprise at first but usually turns out fine! Hope and sure the next PMH visit will be ok!
I see your boys and already try and imagine the fun we are going to have with Helen & Andrew's twins. Its so exciting and each week is flying by. She is doing really well but has the pregnancy diabetes and just cant get those levels right! Never mind she is in good spirits and being real healthy, there's not more she can do! Anyways was nice to see you share those pics. lol

Lisa said...

They sure do look happy! Very cute.