Saturday, 7 November 2015

crochet blanket project

 Hello again, I thought I would share the progress on my crochet blanket project.  I've completed three blankets and am now onto my fourth. 
 The last blog post I was working on the shell stitch blanket - this has come up all lovely and girly.  I always love the effect of wide stripes.

 ...... and I always love admiring, finished blankets ♥
 So now I'm onto the fourth.  I've gone with very boyish colours this time and have chosen the pattern - skinny ripple - a great tutorial is on the blog from Little Woollie.
 It's two rows of single crochet in a ripple pattern.  And I'm randomly changing the colours - this project involves using yarn from my stash, so some colours may be a bit limited ☺
It's also worked into the back loop only, so you are left with lovely texture in your blanket.  I'm really enjoying this one, even though it's going slow with single crochet.
Hopefully the weekend will allow some crochet time ☺
I'll keep you updated.
Thanks for popping by ♥


Val Thorpe said...

I just love these blankets. I really need to get back to playing with mine. I can do these at night. THey look lovely and they are for such a good cause. Just magic :D

miss jane said...

Wow, these are gorgeous. wish I could whip them out so quickly :)