Wednesday, 4 February 2015

wip: wednesday

 Hello - the school holidays are now over and it's all back into school routine.  I love school holidays but I also love routines - there has to be a balance ☺
I managed a little bit of crafting over the Summer break, but not much sharing here.  I'm going to try and share some of the projects I'm working on every Wedneday.
So here goes my first WIP: Wednesday ☺

 I have already shared this Starburst Granny Square Blanket - it's slowly growing.  I'm so happy with the colour choice and how the white makes each colour pop.  It's turning out to be a lovely project.

I recently purchased some XL Ribbon yarn from Paper Cotton Love - a sweet little online store - you must check it out ☺
I decided to use some of the orange yarn to make a floor cushion - I'm using the free pattern available from Paper Cotton Love - so far it's going well. 
 The size 12 bamboo crochet hook which I also purchased from the same shop, is great to work with.  It's making the project come together with ease. 
 I'm going to be running out of this gorgeous orange before the project is finished, so I need to re-stock my supplies very soon ☺
I'm looking forward to sharing more of this fun project as it grows!

That's all for this Wednesday - wishing you a creative week ♥

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