Wednesday, 18 February 2015

wip: wedneday

 Hello - it's mid week and I'm sharing a few WIP's ☺
Two weeks ago I posted HERE!
I've been playing around with t-shirt yarn. It's rather fun to work with.
My floor cushion is on hold as I wait for more orange yarn, but I did pick up some black from our local Bunnings in the gardening section.
I decided to try and make a floor rug using the yarn and also cotton twine.
 I kind of 'winged' it with the pattern and hence it didn't stay flat.  Instead of a floor rug, its made it onto our outdoor setting table as a mat ☺  I kind of like it there; even if it wasn't how I planned it.  

 Looks like a spider likes the spot too!!!!
 I'm still hoping to try out a floor rug; next time I will follow a pattern ☺

 You will remember this colourful project, especially if you follow me on instagram.
 It's coming along nicely and makes me happy when I'm working on it.  I love the pops of colour against the white!
 I have a long way to go; I'm not even counting how many I still need to make!

 I like having a few projects on the go at one time.  Makes it interesting.  This is one that I started late last year.
I'm following this pattern from HERE.
 I'm just loving this stitch - I plan to do 10 rows in each colour and I have about 10 different colours picked out.  I'm calling it my retro blanket.  You will need to follow along as I reveal more of the colours ............... ☺
I'm hoping to finish this one for Winter ☺

Looking forward to sharing more of these projects as they progress ☺

Today I'm linking up with Bec at Handmade + Home

Wishing you a creative week.
That's all for this Wednesday ♥♥


Lizzyc said...

Oh you are busy, but they all look really good..

Bec R said...

I like having lots of WIP's on the go too, at least when you get bored of one, you have another to work on! Love the texture of your striped blanket, can't wait to see what colours you have planned for it! Thanks for linking up :-)