Monday, 3 November 2014

creative.ness - the view thru my 50mm fixed lens

The other weekend, I took out my DSLR camera to capture some creative bits around my home.  Creative bits from my boys.  Oh, I love it that they create things ☺  It makes me smile.

 This tree in our front yard has been lined with wooden steps, steps that lead up to a great place to play .......................

 A little person who loves being with his brothers and making stuff!
 A perfect place for those little legs.

 A creative zone for the biggest boy!

 This piece of twine and mini pegs was placed here in my craft room by one of my twins.  He wrote a little note to say that it was a place to hang pictures.  So I used some recent Origrami prints!
A little creative keepsake from the biggest boy.

There thoughtfulness touches my heart - I'm thankful for these treasures and their creative souls.

Happy Monday ♥♥


miss jane said...

That is so gorgeous. It is beautiful to remember & capture moments like these :D

Sue Ko said...

what a thoughtful gesture from your biggest boy. And the twine. your boys are so thoughtful and love their mama. xx

Lizzyc said...

How lovely and how wonderful to see your busy boys being happy and creative!!

Susi said...

How fun! Love the twine string and clips for picture hanging.

Val Thorpe said...

Wonderful pics and how cool to make that for you. I love it.

Lizzy Hill said...

GREAT pics....cute boys...very thoughtful as well as creative in their own ways....just like MUM!!!!!