Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Pictures of us!!

It's rainy and wintry down here in Busso. So we had some indoor fun with the camera!!
I don't get many pictures of Kyle. He is so photogenic; love this natural pose.
A hand from each of the boys on my tummy.
And a fun pose from all three, all giving me their cheeky grins.


Anonymous said...

Hi, is cold & wintry up this way aswell! Cute photos, love the one with the hands on your belly!
Luv Renae x

aimee said...

hello! nice photos, they are very cute. hope everything is going well with the little one, might see you for your and kyle's birthday next weekend, but we'll see! back from melbourne, had a great time - i have updated my blog with photos of the voyage!
anyway, better get back to my cup of tea (that little tea pot is getting a workout, i bought mum some tea from melbourne)
love aimee

Makeesha Byl said...

Oh these piccies are super Cute Chan!! Great to see you got something done today LOL! See you again soon. Love Keesh x

HH said...

Such cute pics of the boys. Love the hands on your belly too! So precious. I bet they are so excited. We are cold here too, c'mon sunshine, shine for us :)

Kevin and Amy said...

Great pics! What handsome boys:)