Saturday, 31 May 2008

Renovation pictures

I have some photo's to share of the progress of our home renovations. Most painting has been completed and yesterday our beautiful kitchen was installed. Just need to finish off with glass splashback and timber flooring.

So click on the link to have a look.

I'm so happy with how my kitchen looks and will certainly enjoy the extra space, my new oven and the light fresh look. Thanks to hubby who designed and made it all - it's more than wonderful!!


HH said...

Wow Chan, you lucky girl you! Very nice. Love the colours. I'm sure the rendering would also lighten up the whole room rather than the face brick. I know that our face brick can make the room really dark. We often have to have the lights on. Can't wait to see it finished. The flooring looks super as well.
It's the one time the kids are allowed to write on the walls hey! So much fun.


Love it Chan and of course you would, so nice and new and fresh and light.
Hope it all falls in place for you soon.

Makeesha Byl said...

Oh WOW chan that new kitchen looks wonderful! I can now completely understand how difficult it must have been to live through that though!!!! Well hopefully it will be worth it :) I can't wait to come down and have a closer look. Enjoy it!
Keesh xx

Kevin & Amy said...

Beautiful, Chantelle! That oven/stove sure is a thing of beauty:) I bet you can't wait until it is finished though. It will feel so nice when everything is clean again, eh? I love the colours you picked, BTW.

Chris said...

Wow -- beautiful!
LOVE the colour of the new flooring!!!