Saturday, 24 May 2008

My photo tips for displaying cards!!

Quite often, I get emails or comments regarding how I take my photo's for my blog. So I thought I'd share my tips or thoughts. Before I do this, I must first say, that I only have a simple digital camera and don't class myself as professional. But I do love taking photo's and know my camera well, which certainly does help!

* I never use the flash
* I always set up my card/item against a white back drop - usually white cardstock
* I take my photo's near a window where there is natural light coming thru
* My camera is set to Macro Mode (usually a flower symbol on most camera's)

By having a white background, the camera can focus on the card or item, rather than the background, which will make your image blurry. By not using your flash, you are more likely to get true colours in your photograph. Macro Mode allows me to take the picture close up. These arrangements work best for me and my camera but may not work for everyone. I think some understanding of your camera and what it can do, does help the process.

Once I have my pictures, I download them onto my computer using Picasa - which is a free photo editing program from Google, very easy to download. From here I can crop and edit my photo to how I wish before I publish it to my blog!!

I hope this helps.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips Chantelle, I'll give them a try! I use Picasa too but need to experiment more as it can do so much!
Regards, Sandra