Sunday, 25 May 2008

Just the three of you!!

Brothers & Friends!

Everyday God blesses me,
The wonders of caring for you three.
Everyday I'm blessed with many joys
From my three handsome boys.
The laughter and energy that you bring,
Makes my heart sing.
I thank God in heaven above
For giving me children to love.
(Photo taken today, 25th May, 2008)



Very precious poem Chan! Your boys will treasure that so much now and of course later on! TFS

HH said...

Hi Chan,
I was amazed at how much Tyson and Liam have changed. All of a sudden they looked really grown up on that photo. Maybe it's their buzzies that make them look older but I was a little shocked. I haven't seen them since Christmas so I suppose you can change a lot in nearly 6 months.
BTW, love your poem. That was really cute. God does bless us everyday, even when they are very sick, like what I'm experiencing at the moment. Not much fun, but always still reasons for joy and thanks. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, sweet photos of the boys! Nice poem aswell, you made that yourself i guess? Hope all is going well, take care, Renae x

Erica Swarts said...

Love your poem Chan! Precious photos of the 3 boys as well! Take Care xx


Hi Chan,
Forgot to say that poem was lovely too! Good job....i love making them too! Have a lovely day and look forward to see what you create for the 6x6 page and i will try creating today for the demo next week. Now this will be a test for me hey!

Bruce and Sarah said...

I'm sure you'll have scrapping these pics. Lots of colours to play with!