Sunday, 6 April 2008

Stamp sets for Sale!!

I've been going thru my stamp sets and have decided I have too many and some just have to go!! All these sets are mounted, in good condition and some have hardly been used.

French Script: $15.00 (background stamp) RESERVED
Cheesecloth: $15.00 (background stamp) RESERVED
Stem Silhouttes: $30.00 RESERVED
Best Barcodes: $15.00 RESERVED
Shore Thing: $22.00 RESERVED
Blooming with Happiness: $15.00
Simple Sayings II: $15.00 RESERVED
Terrific Tulips: $20.00 RESERVED
All Year Cheeer I: $30.00 RESERVED
Dots & Daisies: $15.00 (background stamp) RESERVED
Do the Hula: $30.00 RESERVED
Holiday Print: $15.00 (background stamp) RESERVED

The above prices do not include postage. Please email if you are interested:


aimee said...

hello sis,
the roll of film you gave me is still in the about 12 shots left on it so that'll be fun to see. the other day i bought some true black and white film - it gets processed in black and white chemicals instead of colour ones (C41) so they will be real cool to see :) anyway, better get back to studying - see you next week sometime as i hear you are coming down our way!
love aimee


Hi Chan, hope you had a nice weekend.
I have had to go through my sets too and selling them because you just get too many and hey we must make room for the new caddy sets too!
Have a great week of creating.