Sunday, 16 December 2007

Why I love this time of year...

There are many reasons, big and small, why I love this wonderful but busy time of year. Here are just some of them.

6. It's summer time for us. (in the southern hemisphere) This means long, lazy days at the beach, having fun in the sun, cooling off in the in the deep blue sea, BBQ's for dinner, fishing with the kids and so much more.....

5. It's school holidays. Seven weeks of no school for the kids. This means we don't need to get up early to go the bus, no making of lunches, no homework and no organized routines. It certainly will be a nice break.

4. The 'big' school holidays are usually when we go away on holidays. This year we are going to Donnelly River to have a family holiday with all the 'Huizenga's. Will be great to get together again, as we don't all live close to each other anymore. I know all the kids will have a great time together.

3. A time of relection of the past year. To count the many, many blessings we have received from our heavenly Father. To be thankful for family and friends, for a life of peace and freedom, for our chuch community and faith. To show our thankfulness and to praise Him and to share the message of His love and promises.

2. Christmas lunch is always special with yummy food and the company of family and friends. We can look forward to seafood, kebabs on the BBQ and fresh salads. Delicous!!

1. Remembering the birthday of our dear Jesus. He is the reason for the season. God sent His only Son into this world to save us from our sins. A truly wonderful blessing and one we should be thankful for everyday. At Christmas time we remember God's gift He sent to us from above.


HH said...

Always a good time to reflect isn't it. I always do the same. And no matter how difficult or easy a year we've had, we can always find lots to be thankful for. Hope you have a relaxing holiday break with the family, Chan, and hope to see you in Busselton. You obviously didn't like 1. and 2. because you reverted back the other

Chantelle said...

Hehe.... yes it was meant to end with 2 then 1. I have fixed it now. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi there, yes we too are looking forward to all the fun things that summer brings! Tis good to look back and count our blessings, even though there are too many to count! Will see you all soon, enjoy your week.
Luv Renae :)