Thursday, 6 December 2007

Snapshots of our first year in Busso!

It's not quite one year yet, but getting close! I was just having a play around with Picasa, didn't work out quite the way I was hoping but anyway, it's something. I can't seem to get the slideshow to go full screen when you click on it!! I think if you double-click on the pictures it takes you to the web album where you can do the side show and it does it in full screen there. Confusing?!? Yes, well I'm still learning about all this technical stuff.

We've enjoyed our first year alot. It's been fun to live near the beach, especially for the boys. We've been blessed in many ways and we hope and pray for another wonderful year, with many more happy moments to treasure.


Kevin & Amy said...

Thanks for sharing that! So nice to see so many happy memories from the past year. I'm glad you've felt so blessed in your new home since moving can be hard sometimes!

joyce said...

very nice Chantelle
now we can look forward to your next year of posting. Lets see how much the boys will grow in the year.
Enjoy the up coming holidays.
Love joyce


Good on ya Chantelle, always a challenge to try something different hey!
Hope you are not feeling so sad at the moment as the little Amryn is doing quite a bit better. Take care & lol. Jen

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice snapshots!
Cant believe its been a year already, feels like maybe only 6 months ago that you left!
Glad you's had a good year and may you be blessed with another great one.
Renae x

aimee said...

heya thanks for the comments yeah i'm still fidddling around and learning how to do stuff, i'm not always on the blog you know :P
anyway cool photos and i'll see you next week at craigs