Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Our Family - 2007

Here are our family photo's for the end of the year. I've always wanted to do my own photo shoot. It was so much fun and for the most part, the boys enjoyed taking part.

Here is the link. It brings you to Jump Cut; click on Full Screen under the photo and then you can press play. Have your speakers on so you can hear the music as well.



Kevin & Amy said...

Very well done! You have such a beautiful family. I had to laugh at the one where you all have your backs to the camera and Kyle is pulling at his pants. LOL! I love that you picked red shirts for the boys with the red flowers in the background. Gorgeous:)

HH said...

Oh Chan, that actually brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely family you have. The pics were gorgeous and I'm sure you'll be doing some scrapping with those. Your family is a credit to you, very special. I love the colours as well.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Chan, great photos! Our comp doesnt have sound so couldnt put music on! See you soon x

tyrymom29 said...

Cute pics !!!!

aimee said...

HELLO ! WE ARE BAACCKKK..! hope you had a good time at the river, happy new year still! hey hey, i updated my blog like wow..i put all photos from my lomo on there :) i'm coming to busso tomorrow! so i'll make sure i pop! in :)
ta ta :)
xx me

Anonymous said...

Oh so sweet is your family and you are just so clever arent you making that clip yourself.
Thanks for sharing!