Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Staying cool

Tyson & Liam enjoying some 'cooling off' in our backyard pool. They have been having a great time together. Tyson always enters the pool with a big run-off and then dives into the pool. Funny to watch!!


HH said...

what sort of pool is that? it looks quite a big one for a blow up pool. we are looking at getting one too for those hot summer days. the boys are sure enjoying that!

Chantelle said...

It's one of those Intex pools. Can get them from just about anywhere and it comes with a pump and cover.

HH said...

It comes with a pump?? That's great, than you don't have to empty it. That's a little more than a blow-up then.


The boys are having a great time i can see that.
Brings back memories when we had a cool backyard pool when we were younger too!
Well it sure has been great swimming weather, and we are in for a cool change, but hope for not too long.
Our kids have already enjoyed heaps of swimming too. lol