Monday, 12 November 2007

Our shed 'guest retreat'

I wanted to share with you, some pictures of our little 'guest retreat'. We had a bathroom in our shed when we bought this house, so Warren has partitioned some of the shed to include a bedroom. Now we have our own little 'guest retreat' for our family and friends. We had Warren's parent staying for three nights this past weekend. They really loved their accommodation, had a great stay and we enjoyed their company. The lamp you can see in the first picture is a gift from them. Very nice.



Wow, how nice is that! Looks like you have made a lovely guest room.
Nice you and your family could enjoy the company of parents and grandparents on the weekend. Happy memories for the kids and its great for the little ones to spend some quality time with them hey!
Well enjoy your week and TFS.

Anonymous said...

Looks really good! Im sure it will get good use, espeically in the holidays!

HH said...

Love it. What a cute little retreat. Must come and have a look at Christmas. Might book my kids in there for a week. They will all fit in the one bed!

Chris said...

How awesome! They can visit yet have their own space to retreat to when they want -- that is so neat!