Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Busselton Beach after the storms...

My last post said that Tyson wasn't feeling well. Now it's Tyson, Liam and me; we've all come down with a bad flu since the weekend. And today, I nearly lost my voice.
So today I took the boys down to the beach to have a little play. Thought the fresh air would do us all some good and we had such a gorgeous sunny afternoon . This is the beach closest to our house, only takes two minutes by car. All the sea weed is a result of the recent storms we have had. Makes the beach look very messy but the boys had fun playing in it.

The boys certainly enjoyed getting out and playing in the sand. Tyson wanted to take his truck to the beach!!



hi chantelle, what a cute post, and even when its cooler its great you still take the kids out for a play. hope you all feel better soon and that fresh air will be good for all!
take care. xlolx
(we are having a ball)

Kevin & Amy said...

Sorry you are all feeling crummy! Our whole family got hit this past week as well. It is no fun!

Love the beach pics - it is so nice that you live so close the beach. What a great place for your kids to make memories:)

HH said...

Sorry you are all feeling yucky. We haven't been the best here either. I've had a sore throat and now an annoying cough, Hayden has been unwell with headaches and being lethargic and the twinnies have rosy cheeks, I'm still not sure what's going on there. Teething? Hope not, not yet. Anyway, onward and upward as they say. Hope the beach outing did you all some good. Nothing like fresh air hey. I walked with the pram to Andrew's work today just to get out. It was lovely to walk in the winter sun. Take care.