Thursday, 5 July 2007


Tyson & Liam had their last day at Kindy for the Term. Today, the parents were allowed to have a look at the kids portfolio and all the work they have been doing. Their theme for this term was Space so the classroom looked great with stars, moons & astronauts everywhere. Tyson & Liam really enjoyed this term and have become much more confident, participating in class discussions and playing with the other kids. And they have very much enjoyed all the wonderful activities and making creative space projects. They have been really happy and just love their teachers, Mrs Saw & Mrs VanderLaan. So here are some pictures, mainly of Liam. Tyson wasn't feeling very well when I picked him up this afternoon.
So now it's the two week Winter break for students and teachers. We hope they all enjoy it!

Liam having a picture with Mrs VanderLaan, the teacher assistant.



your boys look so grown up and i love the pics of them with their activities that's a great idea.
Have fun in the holidays, hope the weather is going to be a bit kind for all the kiddies off school!
We sure are going to enjoy 2 weeks of warm weather in Bali......

HH said...

Hi Chantelle,
Glad the boys are enjoying kindy. Hayden went to kindy as well this year. He didn't like it at all to start with but he has finally warmed up to the idea. Now he goes without kicking a fuss. After the holidays he will be going two full days, so we'll see how that goes. It's so cute when they come home with stuff they've made and they are so proud of it. Sounds like Liam and Tyson have a nice teacher and they love her, that's so important isn't it. Have a great weekend.