Friday, 29 June 2007

Tyson & Liam

Today I took Tyson & Liam down to the beach so they could ride their bikes along the beach cycle path. I knew it was going to rain later on in the day, so while the sun was shining, we got out of the house into the fresh air. Liam insisted on wearing these snow goggles!! Funny boy; he actually wore them all day. They were happy to pose for some photo's; check out Liam putting his arm around Tyson. So cute. They have the best times together; always happy and having fun.
Every now and then we weigh the boys. They always think it's kind of cool to hop on the scales. So tonight they had another weigh in and guess what...... they both weighed in at 18.8 kg. And this is not the first time their weight has been identical. Well they are indentical twins; but it's still amazing.


HH said...

You got yourself some georgous boys there Chantelle. I hope my two will be best friends like that too! I'm sure their interests will be different but they will always have each other. The top photo shows them at quite different heights, was the ground uneven or is one smaller than the other? Just wondering. How lucky you can just pop down to the beach, I'd love to take the pram and just go for a walk along the cycle path. Have a great weekend!

Chantelle said...

Hey thanks Helen. Yes, the boys are standing on uneven ground!! It certainly is great to be able to go for walks along the beach - we love it!!!


Precious photos of precious kids! We must tresure these times with our kids because they grow up so fast! Are those flowers for mum!
Glad you took that walk when you did cause now its bucketing down! Bali isnt coming soon enough when i hear and see this rain but i know we need it! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos - little posers that they are!!
I like your new header too - very nice.
See you all friday
Love Renae