Monday, 18 June 2007

A dedication to my mum

I though I would share with you the poem I wrote for my mum on her 50th birthday:

A holiday in Bali, lots of fun
Good company, food and sun
Family all gathered here
To celebrate a birthday, for my mum so dear.
Fifty years of many good times
and doesn't she look so very fine.
A supercool nana and a wonderful mum
There's lots of lovin' to be done.
She loves to wash and vacuum clean
scrubing floors til they glisten and glean
Then it's time for a coffee and off to the shop
There the fun will never stop
Back home, in the garden to roam
Until it's time for darling Tom to come home
A cup of coffee and then a glass of wine
Then together they will dine.
My oh my, life is so fine
At fifty you're having a good time.
So we are all glad to share your special day
And hope you sure enjoy it in every way.
We pray that God may bless you
in the years ahead, in all you do.
So we give you all our love, hugs and kisses
from me all my love and best wishes.
Lots of hugs from the two terroists
Lovin' you they do the best
From Kyle, a big smile will always come your way
giving you hugs every day
And from Warren a shove into the pool
but he does think you are cool.

* The two terroists refer to Tyson & Liam - some how that became their nickname on holidays.
* Warren threw my mum in the pool just before we were going to have dinner one night; so I wanted to include that bit as a memory.



that was absolutely beautiful, i love putting together poetry and couldnt have done better myself! Your mum will sure treasure that forever i reckon, really well done! And thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

chantelle, that brought a tear to my eye again, its such a sweet poem and we love you all for all the good times we had in bali as a family, thanks for making it so special to everyone, the photos look great hey.x mum

Lisa Vdv said...

What a nice poem!
Is your Dad a red-head? You look just like your Mom, but your sisters look alike with red hair...

Chantelle said...

Both my parents have dark brown hair, as I do, my two sisters have the red-strawberry blonde hair as well as one of my brothers. My other brother is blonde. I think the red colour comes from my dad's side of family.

Anonymous said...

Hey you have some great pictures..especially of the boys!! What a great holiday..I think everyone will remember your mum's 50th for a long time to come!
Catcha up soon Jul

Anonymous said...

HI Chantelle,

Thanks for letting me know about the mini catalogue. I would like to have a party as soon as we can order from it. It'll probably be
easier to have a party rather than making the 5 cards. I'm
excited that the catalogue has the Doodle this stamp set cos that's what I've been eyeing off! I'll have to check out what the other stamps
are. I'll wait to hear from you when we can order then I'll arrange a
suitable date with you for the party.

Looks like you had a great time in Bali, brings back memories! (and
gives me itchy feet).

Chads party went well, thanks. He got very spoilt. Hopefully all the toys will keep him quiet for at least a couple of weeks so I can get
some stamping done!