Sunday, 17 June 2007

Back from Bali

Well we are back from our Bali holiday, very relaxed and refreshed after having the best time together. Here are just some of the photo's (I took about 300)
We spent lots of time at the resort, just relaxing and letting the boys enjoy themselves in the pool. The Dynasty is just a wonderful place to stay with a family; very kid friendly with a great pool including a kiddie slide.

The boys got used to their surroundings and the Balinese people very quickly. They enjoyed going out on the street looking at the shops and giving 'hi fives' to the Balinese. It was certainly a great experience for them to be in a different country and to see how the Balinese live and go about their daily life.

Going to the elephant park was a highlight of our holiday. Tyson & Liam really enjoyed the experience. They even got to sit on the elephant's neck with the elephant tamer.

Kuta Beach at sunset.

The above photo is of me, my two sisters and mum, on the night of my mum's 50th birthday. We had such a great time at a very special place, 'KuDeTa'. The food was awesome and the setting was beautiful. It was a night we will all remember.
So after two weeks of being very lazy, going out for dinner, shopping and all of the other wonderful things we enjoyed; it's time to get back to reality and settle back into normal routines again. We will certainly cherish this wonderful family holiday we could have. It was a great time and we have many memories. It was great to be able to share it with our family and friends. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful company!!


Lisa Vdv said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful, relaxing trip and have arrived home safely! Looking at those photos, I can almost smell the tropical flowers, feel the humidity and hear the ocean...thanks for letting us get a glimpse of the beauty of Bali!


Fantastic sharing your holiday with us viewers. Now i really cant wait to go, 3 weeks today! Those pictures are great and really shows you had a great time. Was that Katie on the photo too, that's nice if it is her that she could come as well! Well hope you get back into routine soon, i always find it takes me a good week or two to get back to reality, becuase life has been so relaxed and casual for a few weeks. Take it slowly so the memories dont fade too quickly!
The elephant rides and Waterbom Park will be the highlights of our Trip for the kids too i think!

Chantelle said...

Yes that is Katie in the photo. It was so nice to see her again.
It will take me a bit to get back into normal routine again. Was so hard getting up this morning!!!