Tuesday, 8 December 2015

crochet blanket project

Hello there!  In my last blog post, I left off with No 4 crochet blanket - the Skinny Ripple.  Since then I've been distracted and started another blanket. 
I'm sharing this completed blanket today - a Solid Granny Square blanket/throw with a Pom-Pom border.
 I just love how it's turned out!  It's only a small blanket, more suitable for a pram or decorative item in a little girls room ☺
 The squares are made up of Solid Granny Squares - I've used 50/50 Acrylic Cotton yarn in 8ply which crochets up so nicely.
 I've joined each square with a row of single crochet, which also creates a ridge pattern between each square. 
And I've finished it off with a cute pom-pom crochet border which is probably my favourite part ♥

I'll be going back to the Skinny Ripple blanket now, so I can get that one complete.  But I think I'll be planning my next Solid Granny Square blanket very soon .....

Thanks for popping in ♥