Monday, 29 June 2015

the view thru my 50mm fixed lens

 Hello there and a happy Monday to you!  Just sharing a few pictures from around my home - it's been a whole month since my last post for this segment ............. life is busy ☺  It's important to have a good balance and allow for some quiet, 'slow' time.  That's why I love doing this!!  Capturing little bits thru the lens ☺

 I love sage - I think of potato and leek soup ................ I've just recently planted this batch.

 I have a love for succulents ............... we have quite a collection going in our garden - some also from my boys that we've collected.  Quite often we get them from markets as tiny small plants.
 The days are cool, so there's plenty of time spent indoors where it's nice and warm.  My little one loves to keep busy ........................
 I've been teaching him how to crochet ................ he's actually a very good student and picking it up very quickly.  This will keep those little hands busy.

Another month will soon be upon us ................. July is school holiday time which we are all looking forward to.  I'm sure I'll be capturing lots during that time.
Til next time, thanks for coming by ♥


Lizzy Hill said...

OK, firstly, I have to say it. I HATE succulents. And cacti. Grit the teeth can't stand and my hubby loves them. Go figure! So where my garden would be all cottage plants like sweet williams and honeysuckle, his would be succulents and anything that can be pruned into submission! I think it's WONDERFUL your boy is crocheting & the photo with the heater in the bg....the only reason I miss Victoria is our wood heater!! An electric bar one on the wall just doesn't have the same ambiance!!!! Have a wonderful slower time over the school hols!!!

Lizzyc said...

Wonderful photos, love the close ups. And looks like a wonderful hobby to do in front of that warm fire! I love succulents there are so many different ones to choose from!