Monday, 20 December 2010

Love that!!

There's lots of good things to love about this time of year - it's a busy, joyful, happy and blessed time.

I love that it's school holidays and I can spend some time with these guys (less one - we have the oldest camping out over a friends house for a few days but he is coming back home tommorow)  There's been lots of playing with Lego, sleeping in and hanging out together.

 I love that it's a great time to make some extra special treats for the holidays - such as this very yummy Hedgehog rocky-road.
 I love that I will hopefully have some extra moments of time to work on my latest project - a crochet patchwork blanket with doilies.  I was inspired by a picture that I came across recently, so have set about to make a blanket that will be nice for the couch next Winter.  Just need to add one more colour - Chocolate - one of my favs!
I love that it's time to get ready to go camping with my family to a beautiful place where the sand is sparkling white and the sea is turquoise blue.  I love the special memories that we make on these fun camping trips.

I love that at the end of another year, we can take time to reflect on the blessings that we receive each and every day.  We are truly blessed in every way!!

I love that at the end of the year, it's good to take a break from some of the things I love and share here, spend time with my precious ones and make plans for new crafty goodness in 2011.

May you all have a very happy and blessed Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Hope to see you in the New Year.  Til next time.....


Kylie said...

I LOVE that you are so happy! It is great to see - thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos :) Such beautiful children :)
Merry Christmas Hun!!
Kylie xx

katie lauren said...

Beautiful post Chantelle! When everyone else is tired and grumpy at this time of the year you really put a positive spin on everything - thanks!
Can't WAIT to see your crochet blanket and i'm secretly very jealous (i wish i could crochet!) xxx happy Christmas sister xxx love you lots :)

Jules said...

oh wow.... i love the idea of that blanket-to-be chantelle.. looks fabulous already! Merry Christmas to you too. Look forward to plenty more goodness from you in the New Year! Have a safe and happy one.... x

Anonymous said...

Cute post! I love it that you are so happy too! Hope your hols are just as happy! Renae x

Sammi said...

Merry Christmas Chantelle! Hope you had a safe and meaningful day! The camping sounds fun!!