Sunday, 9 November 2008

'C' is for cute

'C' is for Caden and he is def. a little cutie. Here he is at 12 weeks old (already) and getting big and chubby. We spent a few days at my parents and these were some photo's taken there.

My sister Aimee took some photo's of Caden and me. She is missing her own (stolen)camera's very much!! We didn't get any smiles from Caden, he was trying to contend with the bright outside light.

And having a cuddle with Nana. I think she quite enjoyed having Caden around for a few days, giving him lots of special cuddles. And Caden certainly didn't mind being carried around by everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hi, glad you had a nice break and will see you again soon. Cute photos. Renae

aimee said...

hehe, he didnt' like those petunias very much (are they petunias??) did he? :D nice having you here, shall see you again soonish hopefully! xx

Chris said...

Wow is that hair for real??? LOVE it!!! :o)

HH said...

He is so cute, Chantelle. Growing up so fast too. Glad you had a little getaway to your Mum's. How nice. Maybe next time when your up this way, we can organise something. Would be lovely to see you both again. Keep the photos coming, Caden's growing so quickly.

Kevin and Amy said...

Definitely cute:) Too bad about Aimee's camera:( You look so much like your Mom, Chantelle, and she looks fabulous for being a grandma to so many!


Hi Chan,
You and Caden are looking fabulous.
He sure is a cutie pie and adorable chubby cheeks.
Nice to have spent time with your faily, they sure would love it as you would.
Well take and love the photos you share:)

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Hi Chantelle

Caden is so cute. I can't believe he is already 12wks old. How fast has that gone. Ella is 6wks now... WOW!!!


Mrs Adept said...

Oh he's gorgeous~!!