Saturday, 21 June 2008

My three handsome boys!

We went out for a bit of fresh winter air this afternoon, and had a look at the jetty. Even though the sun was out, it was pretty chilly with the wind. The boys still enjoyed an ice-cream and managed some camera-poses for me. This photo was Tyson's idea. He said: "mum, can you take a nice photo of us?" How sweet and he has the biggest grin!!

Here's a picture of the beach just to the right of the Busselton Jetty. I'm always amazed at how much the beach changes from Summer to Winter. Due to some recent storms and strong winds, the usually white sandy beaches, are covered in seaweed, even this smaller jetty has seaweed dumped on it.


HH said...

I'd say it would have been quite fresh at the beach. It's sunny out here but that wind has some bite to it. Lovely pics, Chantelle. The boys are so photogenic, aren't they? Where are you though? We can't let you get away with that.

Erica Swarts said...

Busselton is such a fantastic place isn't it! Love the photos of your goergeous boys - you have been truly blessed! I've got a photo of my nephews which i took in that car as well! Have an awesome weekend xx

L-INKed to paper said...

Hi Chantelle, These photos are great and I agree the boys are very photogenic. I love all the colour challenges you are doing at the moment and you have really put them together well. Inky hugs from Char xx :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, nice photos!
Hope all is well, will talk to ya soon. Renae x