Friday, 25 May 2007

Tyson & Liam's haircut

I gave the boys a buzz cut today, getting ready for holidays. Short hair is great - no combing and styling. Liam is in the green shirt and Tyson is in the grey shirt. Tyson didn't really want a photo but did comply after a while. He is looking a bit teary. Then they wanted a picture with the suitcases. They are so excited to be going on an aeroplane.
Before we go, I must post of photo of Kyle; as it's not often he's on here. Then you will see his latest hairstyle. He is into being creative with his hair. Sometimes I never know how it will look each morning when he gets ready for school.

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Nice hair guys.......but now you cant get your hair braided:) Kyle is really growing up i noticed he was being quite trendy with his hair when i saw him on my birthday! Nice suitcases guys......well you have fun and sure the Balinese are going to love you too!