Saturday, 12 May 2007

Spot the difference

Can you spot the difference between these two pictures? The difference being a fixture in the house..... Yes, I have a new dishwasher. A Mothers Day pressie and early birthday pressie. Darling Husband (DH) spent the afternoon bashing a hole in the wall and making a total mess (as they do) so that he could fit it. There was no dishwasher recess allowed, so we had to find a good spot. We chose the wall, which used to be a doorway, but had been filled in by the previous owners. Behind that wall is a second kitchen with a bank of drawers backing onto the wall, which will house the new dishwasher. It just needs to have a surround to finish it off and plumbing and power run to it and then I won't be washing dishes no more!! How exciting is that. Well, I'm excited. Most of my family and friends have dishwashers; so now it's my turn. And I also got a new kettle, so I've been totally spoilt!!!


On a different note: I've been doing lots of stampin' this week, just haven't been taking pictures. (sorry) I've been busy making cards for my sample box using the different stamp sets that I own. I have a SU demo for about 15 ladies on Monday night, so I've been preparing for that, deciding which cards to demo etc. Unfortunately today, I came down with an awful migraine, so after taking some pills, I've been feeling like a zombie all day, leaving me with no energy to stamp!! At least I'm half organised; the rest will happen on Monday, I hope.

Well, to the all the mothers out there, have a wonderful and special Mothers Day and enjoy being spoilt by your loved ones.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chantelle

Lucky you a dishwasher, no more hand washing dishes. Hope your migraine is gone. Love the cards you are making, you must get alot of joy in the end result. Melanie has been doing some scrap booking lately(of her times in Tassie)and when Ben was over here
Keep on posting its very interesting.
Love from Joyce

Lisa said...

Whoot! A dishwasher! What a cool idea to put in in a wall. Good use of space!

Anonymous said...

HI: i spot the difference. no bananas on the counter. hehe :) hope you had a great mothers day. theres no shoes on the ground either. all you need is a plumber! (hint hint). love us.

Chantelle said...

He he.. are you saying the AFTER photo looks neater? And yes, I do need a plumber. Do you know a good one that will come to Busso? lol


Hey Chantelle,
Well done to no more dishes! Hope you had a nice MD and all the best for your big group of SU enthusiasts! Good on you, you will do well!
Well Thursday isnt going to be any good for me to come to Keesh's because of AD service, so i guess i will miss seeing you this time!
Take care and hope those migraine's may be telling you, slow down and take care........

Anonymous said...

Hey Chantelle..the dishwasher looks awesome! more dishes! Life is better without dishes!! NOW YOU NEED A PLUMBER!!(Do you think he gets the hint?)
See ya in Bali!! Yay!!
Jul B