Tuesday, 21 October 2014

currently creative ....

 Hello creative peoples ☺  Today I'm linking up with 'Currently Creative' by Give a Girl a Blog - I find this a fun way to share what your up to and at the same time, find other creative people and see what they are creating too!!
It seems these days, I'm filling my house with crochet - whether that be with blankets or decorative bits ........... ☺
I have quite a few lovely books with plenty of great crochet patterns to try - so recently I used this 'Granny Square' book and crocheted up some covers for glass jars. 
 I used some cotton yarn that I received in my box for October from the Spring Jellywares Yarn Club.  It was perfect for this kind of project. 

 I've used a 3.5 crochet hook as the yarn is quite thin - it gives a lace-like look which I love.
 I intend to use these for my craft room and fill them with pens and other crafty items.  So far I've crocheted up these two but I have plans to add some more soon ..........
This bright orange is some crochet cotton that I bought in Bali last year - I have a whole box full of different colours, so I'll be putting it to good use soon.
I love having some smaller projects on the go ..........................

I will share some more after a little bit more progress.

Thank you for popping by.
Creating with love + happiness.

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Lizzyc said...

Wow your crocheting looks wonderful!