Wednesday, 10 September 2014

canvas art - she was a modern girl with a vintage soul

 Hello ☺ I've been doing a little bit more canvas art and thought I'd share this cute piece with you all.
I recently purchased a book called Vantastic by Kate Ulman from the Fox Lane blog.
A beautiful book all about their travels in a caravan!!  I was inspired by the cover to create a canvas with a retro caravan as the theme ................. and I just love how it turned out. 
 Lots and lots of layers of paper, dressing making pattern paper and paint.
 I found this cute little quote and felt it suited the canvas and also says a little bit about me ☺

So this little canvas sits proudly in my home and makes me long for another camping holiday ................................

Thanks for coming by.
Creating with love + happiness ♥


Lee said...

Lovely little caravan you have created there. I too have browsed and read. And browsed and re-read that little book. Happy crafting and I enjoy your updates!

Lizzy Hill said...

Stunning canvas - looove how you got your inspiration...the heart idea is fab & I loooooooove those colours & layers behind---bet this was a FUN project....oh! And the pop of lace....sooo trying to use mine up....don't suppose you'd like some??? If you do, send me a's mouldering in my'd love to go to a home that used it!!!

Angelique said...

What a beautiful canvas you have created. Love the colours so much.

Lizzyc said...

Oh this is so cute! I love the little caravan and all the colors and textures.. and love the quote too!

Kellie said...

Oh wow this is absolutely amazing Chantelle. Your house must be full of creativity as you make so many amazing things.