Thursday, 24 July 2014

currently creative ...........................

Hello, I'm back after a lovely holiday!  We packed up our camper and headed north for two weeks to where the sun was shining ............................. it was just beautiful :)  We spent our days on the beach, enjoying the warmth.

Now the school holidays are finished, it's back into routine.

Today I'm linking up with Currently Creative
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While on holidays I did take a few crochet projects with me ☺  Though I didn't manage as much crochet as I thought I may have done!!

First up I made ANOTHER snood - these are so fun to make - this time I used 8ply yarn in a lovely blue colour with a 4.5mm hook.  I made this one a little longer than previous so I could wrap it around twice.

 I've used rope stitch which has given it a lovely soft texture.

 Next up is a WIP (work in progress)  - this one is going rather slowly so I thought it would be a great opportunity to take it along and get some rows done. 
 It's a chevron stitch in double crochet - I've gone into the back loop on each stitch to create the ridges.

 Most of this progress ended up being done in the car on our way back home ☺

So there you have two projects that I've shared!!  I look forward to keeping you up to date with the progress of the chevron blanket.


Kellie said...

Wow girl you are amazing! I always, ALWAYS love stopping by to see what creativity you have been up to, as I am always inspired.

Bec Reitsema said...

The chevron blanket looks amazing! Hooray for long car trips :-)

diane hasthorpe said...

Your crochet projects look fabulous. My mum was a great crocheter? and one piece I will always treasure is a quilt to fit a queen-sized bed. Unfortunately in this regard, I didn't take after her. Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity. Cheers, Di